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crowdsourced: mexico city

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

One of my top requested places for recommendations is Mexico City, a destination that has been SO high up on my travel wishlist for years. Someway, somehow it has continued to elude me. Luckily, this awesome travel community has been able to fill in the blanks where my personal experience cannot. Here are the ranked results of recommendations that I crowdsourced from 10 of you fine folks - thanks to them for sharing!

Photo: AFAR Media

#1 stay in & explore roma norte

Most entries came in for the Roma Norte neighborhood, listing it as a great place to stay and explore. There are many great Airbnbs in this area, or you can stay in style at La Valise, a top-ranked boutique hotel with fantastic design. The top listed places to eat, drink, and play in this area were Limantour, Restaurante Rosetta, and Mama Rumba. Other mentioned places include Churreria El Moro, Lalo, and Departamento.

#2 eat & drink in condesa

La Condesa neighborhood is crawling with great eats and drinks. Two restaurants, Ojo de Agua and Azul, each received multiple votes. Also recommended as solid spot were La Clandestina, Hugo Wine Bar, Lardo, Pasillo de Humo, and La Capital.

#3 taco omakase dinner at pujol

If you have one splurge meal, make it the insanely well reviewed taco omakase at Pujol, which is consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants in the city.

#4 cocktails with a view

Rooftop cocktails are always a good idea, right? Supra Roma was a popular choice with great vibes, along with Balmori Rooftop.

#5 teotihuacan pyramids

Just one hour northeast of the city, the Teotihuacan Pyramids are a vast archeological complex with structures that date back thousands of years. Definitely worth exploring!

#6 xochimilco

One hour south of the city lies Xochimilco, a festive cluster of canals dating back to the Aztec era. The colorful boat cruises are particularly fun, especially on weekends.

#7 lucha libre

For a uniquely Mexican experience, you can't miss a lucha libre show. It's not your average wrestling...maybe it's time to rewatch Nacho Libre.

#8 foodie tour of colonia roma

Mexico City is one of the greatest food cities in the world, so you'd better spend a fair bit of time eating and drinking. Walking food tours in Colonia Roma are a great way to learn and taste new things, or you can visit the Mercado Roma to create your own culinary tour.

#9 chapultepec

For a scenic break from city life, head up Chapultepec hill to visit the park, museums, and 19th-century castle.


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